Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Two weeks to delivery day

It will be tight, but we will just make it! Rebecca and I have to deliver the work for our exhibition on November 20. I'm currently working on an interpretation of another of Rebecca's monoprints. At the moment I'm calling it "Lavender Houses" for lack of a more inspired title. It will be a companion to the first work I did for our Double Occupancy exhibition. Once again I've created a mortar and mesh substrate to represent the mat and paper the work was printed on. Lavenders are somewhat difficult to create in smalti, so my tones can't match Rebecca's ink precisely. I'm pretty happy with the colors I do have to work with though. The first few tesserae laid in place.

Moving along. Love all the pink and lavender tesserae arrayed in front of me!

After Wednesday's work. Should be done on Friday!