Lynn Adamo
visual artist


The New Project

IMG_1782I'm embarking on a series of new works, in collaboration with my friend Rebecca Buchanan. We are going to do a "call and response" — I'm interpreting works Rebecca paints or prints, and she'll interpret works I create in mosaic. We are also talking about doing one literally collaborative work where we both contribute to the same piece! For my warm-up, I set out to interpret a monoprint Rebecca made that Bob and I bought, because we loved it immediately at first view. The monoprint is untitled, but I decided to name my piece "You and Me". I felt the two houses had distinct personalities, and I am using them as a metaphor for Bob and me. This series will be exploring what home means to both Rebecca and I. Rebecca has been exploring this concept for a couple of years now, and I am intrigued with what she's been doing. Our joint work will culminate in a two-month exhibition at Walters Cultural Art Center in Hillsboro, opening December 2. I'm both scared and exited to be embarking on this project. It is going to be a challenging and exciting summer! Here's the work-in-progress for "You and Me": IMG_1786IMG_1791 IMG_1792

You and Me