Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Moving Forward

ThumbnailWIPBack from our trip to Spain, check. Back from the CMA Mosaic Summit in Ashland, check. Took a spontaneous trip to San Francisco to watch the Giants clinch the National League Championship, totally fantastic! Came back and participated in Open Studios, check. Final thing on the checklist: finish all work for the upcoming show, Double Occupancy! 

After returning from Spain, I was totally recharged and ready to hit the studio hard. The deadline looms large, so I had to knuckle down. I'm currently working on an interpretation of a cool panel Rebecca painted, a long and skinny dual house image. I'm having a blast working with the brilliant colors of the smalti, to coordinate with her paint palette. My piece is half size of Rebecca's painting. Hers is 48 x 12 inches, this panel is 24 x 6. Here are a couple of WIP photos. The finished work, with its companion painting, and all the rest of our work will be on exhibit at Walters Cultural Art Center December–January. Opening reception is Tuesday, December 2.

At the beginning. Copy of Rebecca's painting to left, my andamento pattern on tracing paper to the right.

One day's work.

Working on the second half.