Lynn Adamo
visual artist


A Break in the Action

Sketch of "O'Keefe & Merritt" All summer I've been working on pieces that will be in my joint show with Rebecca Buchanan, to open December 2 at the Walters in Hillsboro. We've made an ambitious plan for ourselves, and there is still much work to go before the delivery date to the gallery in November. However, last January Bob and I made plans to go to Spain for the month of September. So here I am, typing this blog post from our Airbnb apartment in Madrid.

Taking a break in the action from creating in my studio, I'll be soaking in Spanish life, culture, food and sun for the next 25 days. And psyching myself up to be insanely busy, but having fun finishing pieces for the show when I return. Here is a WIP photo of the piece called O'Keefe & Merritt" that is waiting for me in the studio: