Lynn Adamo
visual artist


WIP Chapter 3

I finished the piece "Green Chairs" this afternoon!  A satisfying part of completing a work is my routine of cleaning off my work table completely. Sorting and putting away smalti, sweeping off the table from the shards and crumbs, and washing the surface with Simple Green. And taking a photo of the piece: Green Chairs

I visited Rebecca in her studio last Saturday and checked out what she's been up to. Her interpretation of Green Chairs is finished so we put mine in progress next to hers for a comparison:

Side by side

Big fun!

Tomorrow, I'm moving on to the second new work in the series. I'll be stepping back from this beautiful color palette and working with a more monochromatic one. The subject dictates it, but thanks to Rebecca's influence, I'll be spicing it up with some little touches of brightness!