Lynn Adamo
visual artist



How about this color palette? So fun! Work In Progress

WIP. I love that acronym. But I never like to use acronyms without giving a definition of it first. So, if anyone reading this didn't know what it meant before, you do now! Rebecca and I are both moving full steam ahead with our collaboration project. Our show at Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro is scheduled to open on Tuesday, December 2, and runs through January, 2015. Which means that our work must be delivered to Walters for hanging before Thanksgiving. That seems like a long time off, but I've got plenty of previously scheduled things taking me away from the studio in the coming months. All good stuff: driving trip to California to visit my folks, a weekend with friends in Astoria, Portland to Coast Walk Relay, and the biggie: the month of September in Spain! Life is so full! Time for me to knuckle down and be very productive in the studio when I'm here. Discipline required! We've titled our show "Double Occupancy." Its meaning will be revealed with time. I want to keep your interest piqued!

The very beginning of "Green Chairs"

Zoomed in, wet thinset working area.