Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Week 10: Fabrication Complete!

We did it! On Sunday, September 15, Karen and I put the finishing touches on fabrication. I am amazed that I hit the deadline that I'd originally set out for this project. I'm not completely done though. This week I'll clean the surface, mark and label the template and each section before stacking it up to store before taking it to Astoria. Installation is now going to wait until after I return from my trip to Italy, as the concrete pad for the mosaic has not been poured yet.Here are pics from the last week, including some professional ones by Rick Paulson, who is doing a project for the Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council, photographing Hillsboro artists in their studios.


Next I'm moving a section from the ground to the studio table to finish.


The crew in the studio for the final stretch.




Portrait of the Crew by Rick Paulson. L-R, Janie Van Domelen, Sandy Arbogast, Karen Rycheck, Sue Johnson, Jo Six. Seated, me, kneeling, Jan Simmons.  Other team members not there are Scott Fitzwater, Richard Davis and Jennifer Kuhns.