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Tualatin Library Centennial Project

I was awarded a commission to create a work of art to commemorate 100 years of Tualatin being incorporated as a city this past June. The ideas percolated all summer and into fall while I was working on the Astoria sturgeon mosaic, and while I was in Italy. Upon my return I had to jump in and move forward on it, as it is due to be complete and on the wall in the library on December 13! I'm calling this work "Dynamic Continuum" and it is inspired by many elements from the history of the area that became Tualatin. I discovered Tualatin has a rich history going back to the Atfalati native peoples, through the settlers who came over the Oregon Trail and established farms, homesteads, and industry. Sawmills, brick factories and quarries were early businesses that took advantage of the local natural resources. Ferries and steamboats went into use to transport goods and people, and on it goes through the years to the vibrant community it is today.

My task in the coming month is to take many elements inspired by this history and create a mixed media, bas-relief wall sculpture in honor of this history.

Here's the first installment of the blog that will follow the progress of this project.

Outline sketch of the piece.

Here's the wall in the entry of the library where the piece will go.

Bob cut the plywood support for me.

The back, showing the french cleats for hanging.


A mortar and mesh substrate was created and attached to the plywood support.


Bas-relief elements attached to the substrate.

Applying a coat of mortar to the substrate.

This is fun!






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