Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Garden of Surging Waves

I've started a commission for a mosaic paving to be installed in a Chinese garden in Astoria, Oregon. The garden is currently under construction. There will be several elements of art being created by local artisans, including and art glass lantern to hang above the mosaic, glass donor wall and steel story screen with a moon gate. Also to be installed in the garden are artistic elements created by artisans from China. Eight marble columns carved with dragon designs will surround the mosaic and be topped by a wood lattice.

I'm fabricating the sturgeon mosaic with Mexican smalti, glass made especially for mosaics. It is a 10 feet diameter circle. I have a number of assistants helping me, and we'll be working toward a completion date of September 15, with installation to immediately follow.

Here is a website that describes the garden's design and concept in the Astoria Heritage Square project.  Astoria Heritage Square.

I'll be posting updates weekly to chronicle the progress.

Color sketch of sturgeon design.

Mosaic sample, a full size swatch of what the paving will look like.