Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Final Work on Shute Park Library Pavers

Installation is next week! We are down to finishing up the four final pavers. This week I had help from my "J" team— Jan, Jo and Janie. Sue had already bolted to sunny Arizona, and Sandy is unfortunately down with a bronchial infection. But thanks to her stash of some light blue Cinca tile, we are able to finish the backgrounds of the frog totem pavers! I always aim to order more than enough material for projects, but it's a very difficult task. Apparently when doing the original spec, I thought I might use more of the glazed blue tile in those backgrounds than we ended up doing. But the Cinca coordinates well with the Briare Mazurka unglazed porcelain. Local volunteer photographer extraordinare Rick Paulson came by the studio on Wednesday to photograph us working. Here are the shots:

Jan Simmons working on the frog totem.




We have a pretty good time in the studio!