Lynn Adamo
visual artist


End of Week 4

Progress is being made. We've completed piecing the largest sturgeon, and are on to the smallest one. I'm patiently (well, maybe not so patiently!) awaiting shipment of the blue tortillas from Mexico. I had to have 110 lbs of smalti made especially for this project. For those not familiar with smalti, a "tortilla" is the large slab of mosaic glass they make. Usually destined to be chopped up into the small pieces you see the sturgeon made out of, when an artist wants to cut up larger pieces, or tesserae, in mosaic-speak, we order larger chunks of the tortilla. In Italy, the large smalti pieces are called pizzas. Get it? :-)Here are a few photos from the last week.


Here I am "dry-fitting" the sections on a template out on the patio. The whole mosaic will gradually be assembled out here.