Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Dynamic Continuum is complete

Early Friday morning, in studio before packing for travel. One week ago today, I wrapped up the piece in bubble wrap and Bob and I carefully moved the work from the studio to our truck. We placed it on thick foam pads and drove it to Tualatin. For the first 15 minutes of the trip, I was a basket case, worried that something would happen to it while driving. After watching it through the cab window, I was finally satisfied it was not going to move in the truck bed, and we arrived at the library safely. We were greeted by Mark Brody, my friend and colleague who I hired to lead the installation. My client Becky Savino, of the City of Tualatin, and Brett, the facilities manager, were also on hand. My friend and photographer, Loren Nelson arrived shortly after we did to document the process.

Mark on scaffold screwing in the french cleat hangers with Bob consulting.

While Mark gets the hangers ready, Becky and Paul from the City check out the work and Loren gets ready to photograph.

Happy to be at this point!

Here we go!

Carefully lowering the work onto the cleats.

Is it securely on? It is!

On the wall!

Lynn and Becky with installed work.