Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Fabrication is Complete

Comfortably ahead of our deadline, we finished the fabrication last Thursday! We are now able to keep a less demanding work schedule as we transition to our respective traveling holidays. On Friday afternoon, we packaged up each piece and secured them to the shelves of our shipping crates. This week we’ll do all the final things needed to go down to Mexico with us for installation. As I type this, Rochelle is mixing our custom mineral pigment blend into a 50 lb bag of thinset. We plan to mix up an additional partial bag to make sure we have plenty with us!

Here are pictures of our work from the last two weeks. We are definitely ready for our time away! Rochelle and Kirk will be heading to Spain on Saturday for a two week trip, and Bob and I set off for our 6 week adventure in the south of France and Spain on September 12.

After I return, we quickly take this whole project to the client, who lives in the Salem area, to load in the truck that goes to Mexico. Then, we fly down for installation on November 4. It’s been a whirlwind year, and we are thrilled to be on this journey!