Lynn Adamo
visual artist


artist statement


Contrast, color, texture. Three things I use to express myself through my art.

When I first discovered that the ancient medium of mosaic was enjoying a renaissance—in fact, being pushed forward into new ways of expression, I was instantly hooked. I embarked on the path of learning traditional methods and techniques, discovering materials to work with.

Handling stone, glass, metal and ceramic lit a fire in me to create with them. Why, I wonder? Why is picking up a piece of stone or smalti so exciting to me? Perhaps because it gives me a feeling of connection to the past. When I grip my hammer and cleave a piece of granite or marble, I am reminded these materials took millions of years to create. I feel like I'm part of the long continuum of life on this planet when I expose a facet of stone that has not seen the light of day. Chopping larger stones and pieces of smalti into piles of little tesserae is a slow, meditative process that I love.

This process of creating art with mosaic techniques is slow, but satisfying. It's the opposite experience from living in the non-stop bombardment of the 24-7 digital world. I need more of that balance. Go into your studio and make art!