Lynn Adamo
visual artist


Over the years I have taught various workshops. Topics include beginning and intermediate level double reverse, direct with thinset, Introduction to Hammer and Hardie (pictured) and sculptural substrate construction.

Next workshop offered— in Lincoln City, hosted by Joanne Daschel.
Check out her website here for even more mosaic learning opportunities!

Save The Date!

  demonstrating cutting with hammer  on hardie

demonstrating cutting with hammer
on hardie

Hammer and Hardie Workshop
Sat-Sun, February 23 & 24, 2019

If you have ever considered working with the traditional tools of hammer and hardie, but were afraid to make the investment without instruction… here is the workshop for you, the first visiting instructor to my Lincoln City studio!  Lynn has been working with these tools for many years, and will introduce you to using H&H with smalti, stone and marble. REGISTRATION LINK coming soon… save the date and check out our helpful visitor info site for lodging options.  Spend a weekend of beach time, learn new mosaic skills and make new friends!  
Pricing and more details to come, so save the date for now.

Students will receive detailed instruction on how to cut materials using the hammer and hardie. Using stone, marble and smalti, students will gain skills to cut more quickly with a minimal amount of waste. Specific characteristics of materials such as the hardness or structure of the stone and smalti will be discussed, aiding in how best to chop down the natural materials. Information about proper maintenance, sharpening and care of the hammer and hardie tools will be presented. This workshop is for beginning students or those who may already have some experience but would like to brush up on their techniques. You are welcome to bring your own hammers and materials if you wish.
Materials such as smalti, marble and stone are included. The materials you cut are yours to take home.

Contact me if you’d like to take a workshop with me!